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Who Do We Support? 

We provide one-on-one educational services to students of all backgrounds, including K-12 and college students. We have educational specialists who support learners with ADHD, Executive Functioning Struggles, Dyslexia, reading and writing remediation, and processing disorders.

Our clients include:

Early Childhood Learners
Teen Learners
Young Adult Learners

Where can we deliver support to our clients?

We offer flexible options for providing personalized education services such as:

●In-person at our West LA location


●Remotely through online meeting services such as Zoom and Google Meets


●Homeschooling support


● And more!

Academic Skills Support

We utilize research-based techniques to help build our client's academic and socio-emotional skills. By providing extensive educational support at all grade levels, we ensure that your child has the skills they need as they grow older. 

Theory Preparation Icon


  • Decoding 

  • Phonological Processing 

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Reading Comprehension 

  • Vocabulary Development 


  • Encoding 

  • Written Expression

  • Sentence Structure

  • Essay Writing and Planning 

  • Writing Mechanics 

  • Editing


  • Number sense

  • Problem Solving 

  • Patterns

  • Estimation

  • Multi-step word problems

  • Math Reasoning

Skill Development

  • Note taking skills

  • Studying and test taking skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving 

  • Reasoning 

  • Self Advocacy 

  • Confidence building 

Executive Functioning

  • Time Management 

  • Task Initiation

  • Planning and Prioritizing 

  • Metacognition

  • Organization 

  • Working Memory

Personal Development Support

Our staff has supported a variety of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • English                                                               

  • History

  • Spanish

  • Algebra

  • Biology

  • Pre-Calculus

THe Blossom Process

Our process starts with an initial phone call  after submitting a meeting request


An intake session will be scheduled with parents or college clients. This session will serve to build rapport and understand the academic and socio-emotional needs of the student with support of the family. 


Our ultimate goal is for our students to become independent  learners and apply the skills taught in sessions to their daily lives in academics and other aspects of their journey.  We will assess progress and provide ongoing support as needed.


Sessions will be tailored based on goals and student needs. The Educational Therapist will collaborate with parents, teachers,  and any other person working with the student. Monthly updates of student progress will be provided. 

In the following sessions, the educational therapist will conduct informal assessments to understand and identify strengths and needs. After assessing, psycho-educational goals will be developed and shared with family.


We utilize a living, growing process that is adaptable and flexible at each stage so that we can reevaluate and adjust our plans as needed!

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